New Research Validates the Value of ArborGen’s MCP® Seedlings for Landowners

Comparison study finds that advanced genetic seedling s deliver higher volume per acre and 121 percent increase in Net Present Value (NPV).

RIDGEVILLE, SC – August 8, 2013 – ArborGen, a world leader in the development and commercialization of technologies that improve the productivity of trees, today announced the results of a genetic comparison study conducted at a mid-rotation aged loblolly pine plantation in Berkeley County,SC, which validates the superior performance of Mass Control Pollinated® (MCP) Loblolly Pine seedlings over some of the best open pollinated (OP) families currently available on the market.

ArborGen is currently the only significant supplier of MCP seedlings in the U.S. and these research findings reinforce the value of its advanced genetics product by providing data that demonstrates the superior performance and significant financial return.  “Landowners can now select and purchase genetically superior loblolly pine seedlings having a wide array of improvement. Advanced products such as MCP and Varietals offer additional value over traditional OP seedlings but, up till now, there has been little data from older stands confirming the expected performance,” said John Pait, vice president of sales, marketing and product development of ArborGen. “

This genetic comparison study offers real numbers that validate the superior performance of MCP over some of the best OP families in the market. Financial returns on this site were all good, but the MCP family tested demonstrates the value that is possible for all landowners who invest in advanced genetic seedlings with a 121 percent increase in Net Present Value (NPV), a 62 percent increase in revenue and a 15 percent rate of return when measured against the performance of the
OP family.”

MCP seedlings are produced from crossing specific elite parents based on key productivity traits such as growth, form, branching and resistance to disease, stress and insects, to generate seedlings with the highest genetic potential. The recent study concluded that seedlings products such as MCP with advanced genetics technology offer significant productivity improvements and economic benefits over OP seeds, where only one parent is known. MCP seedlings offer higher volume per acre, have higher sawtimber potential and will generate much greater revenue at final harvest.

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ArborGen is revolutionizing productivity in forestry. ArborGen is the largest global supplier of seedling products and a leading provider of improved genetics to the forest industry. Through innovations in conventional breeding, improved genetics and emerging biotechnology advances, ArborGen is developing high-value products that significantly improve the economic returns and productivity of a given acre of land.   These products enable ArborGen’s customers to grow trees that yield more wood per acre with greater consistency and quality in a shorter period of time. ArborGen’s work is improving the sustainability of working forests while helping to meet the world’s growing need for wood, fiber and energy.

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